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For the following questions, mark the correct answer.

A value is best defined as: *

A goal is best defined as: *

A want is best defined as: *

A need is best defined as: *

Which of the following has the least influence on an individual’s values? *

Which of the following factors is not influenced by values? *

Priya will save her allowance of INR 1500 per month to purchase a INR 9000 mp3 player in six months. This is an example of what type of goal? *

One element of a financial goal is missing in the example below. Which one is it? 
“I will save INR 9000 each month to go on a vacation in one year.” *

Goals are most likely to be accomplished if an individual: *

If an individual sets their goals too high or too low, what will the result most likely be? *

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